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They don’t like rape victims

Rebecca Kiessling’s entire argument here is that rape victims who have abortions are monsters who should feel ashamed and probably don’t know what’s best for themselves anyway. She accuses them of unjustly inflicting cruel and unusual punishment/the death penalty against fertilized eggs, then snottily tells a rape victim who nearly died from her illegal abortion, “I am very sorry, Gloria, for the loss of your son or daughter. You may not think their life matters, but you know what? That matters to me.” As for Gloria’s life? Not worth a mention, apparently.


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WTF @ this guy telling a woman she’s being insensitive by not feeling sad about her own miscarriage. Insensitive to whom? Herself? Pro-lifers? Baby Jesus? Who the hell knows. 

He also tweeted “too bad your child would of had a brother or sister,”  but smartly deleted it after it was pointed out that trying to make a woman feel bad about a miscarriage is pretty fucked up.

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